Salem Witch Trials and Thomas Putnam

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, Witchcraft Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Tianlian Zeng
The greed of Mr. Putnam
When an inidiviudal has done something wrong, he will give himself a reason to excuse his wrongdoings. He will not think about what motivated the course of his action or the consequence of his action. He will not think about how it affects the innocent people. As time passes, his goodness will be gone, and he will feel as if his crimes were ordinary. In "The Crucible," one of the influential character that directly related to this situation is Thomas Putnam. In order revenge his children's dead, he increased his wealth and landholdings, and influenced society in which ever way he could. In additon, his immoral accusations have resulted from the death of many people.

Thomas Putnam, the richest landower, is frustrating by his childrend's dead. He is always pretending to a generoal man in the salem. But, since his daughter Ruth was paralysed, he begun to accuss people for witchcraft, and blame on them. When Mr.Parris came to his house to visit Ruth, Mr. Putnam said,“ Don’t you understand it, sir? There is a murdering witch among us, bound to keep himself in the dark.“ Mr.Putnam believed that evil in the salem were trying to kill his daughter, Ruth. However, if evil took their babies, then there is nothing they can do but seek God’s help. At least this witchcraft's accusation gives them something or someone to fight against. Later, when Parris's daughter was also paralysed, Mr.Putnam begun to persuade him to fight the evil and said,“Now look you, sir. Let you strike out against the Devil, and the village will bless you for it! Come down, speak to them- pray with them. They're thirsting for your word, Mister! Surely you’ll pray with them.“ Mr.Putnam was looking for Parris to help him fought with the evil. He urged Parris to accuse those powerless people that involed in the happen of dancing in forest. He want someon to pay for his sadness.

After Rebecca has left Mr.Putnam's house, Mr.Putnam...
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