Salem Witch Trials and John Proctor

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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My dearest Elizabeth,
When you said the judgment is found in my heart, I’ve been pondering it since then. I finally realized what you meant by it. No one can judge me but myself and God. I should have never lead myself away from you, even when you were sick and bedridden. An honest man loves his wife no matter what, through sickness and through health. Lusting after Abigail was the worst mistake I have ever made. If I get out of here and am able to continue my life with you, I will show you my sincerest levels of love and respect for you. You are my one and only. Our two beautiful sons are the proof of that. Salem has never seen such beauty. Until we meet again my love.


Mr. Hale,
They have decided that I am allowed to write you a letter. I am not writing you to convince you of the lies in this town. You are a smart man and know the corruption among us. You have influence in the court and I plead with you to help the others realize the wronging of their ways. Abigail Williams has the power to decide who dies and who does not. That kind of decision should only be in God’s hands. I trust all of your actions from now.

John Proctor

To my beautiful boys,
I wish so badly to be able to be with you and your mother now. All I ask of you is to keep your head held high while the town goes to shambles. I cannot lie to you; you will hear many awful things about me. You both know your mother and I are very honest people. Continue with your studies and hard work and I will hopefully be back with you two shortly. Do NOT talk to any of those girls in the court. Stay far away from the lies and God will lead you two where ever your heart desires. You will be in my deepest thoughts. I know I have raised two very strong sons.


Judge Danforth,
I have written and rewritten this letter to you Sir. In your eyes, you are doing what is best. I cannot...
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