Salem Witch Trials

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Hale changes the way he feels towards the court and justice system. In the beginning Hale is a strong believer that if you are a good person the court will do you justice. When first finding out who is being accused, Hale goes house to house to feel out the accused because he is new in town. His actions him an opened minded person and does not believe everything right off the back. When Hale sees Elizabeth charged he says, “(Quote Hale says)” ().he feels this way because………………………. Later, Hale faces a turning point when he separates himself from the court: “I denounce these proceeding” (). He does this because he feels like Elizabeth being taken away for hiding John’s secret of lechery is “ridiculous” and the trials are “not about witchcraft but vengenie”(). After all the lives have been taken by the court, Hale feels as if it was him that killed all those people and blames it all on himself. He believes, “Life is God’s most precious gift, nothing justifies taking it” (). John Procter changes when he comes out to the court about his lechery and makes a false confession. Elizabeth asked John to go to the court about Abigail lying about the witchcraft but he refuses to go because he believes no one is going to get hanged for it, he doesn’t think he can prove it because they were alone and lastly because Abigail has so much power in the court. When Cheever comes to arrested Elizabeth, Procter changes,” (Quote) ”(). He decides that he must tell the court and out the girls to save his wife from hanging. While doing this he outs his lechery with Abigail to the court:”( quote)” (). He did not want to do this before because he did not want to be seen as a bad man or fraud. John makes his final turning point when he confesses about seeing the devil because he already knows that he is a fraud, he finally decides to just give them what they want because it did not matter to him at that point. Procter later will not give his confession on paper when he say,...
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