Salem Witch Trails vs. Mccarthyism

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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How can two events that happened hundreds of years apart be strikingly similar? The themes and events of the Salem witch trails and McCarthyism era are very similar but still very different. The two events happened in the US history. The Salem witch trails happened in the year 1692 , while the McCarthyism era was going on in the 1950-60 . The events happened 258 years apart.

In both the witch trails and McCarthyism the accusations where based on pointless facts. “They be telling lies about my wife” (miller214). People where lie about people that they think where different or that stood out from the normal. These pointless rumors can affect people’s life and effect people that had no actual involved in it. Some of these cases would violate the civil rights of people. “Protect themselves from violations of civil rights”(Schrecker). Often time’s people would try to protect themselves but the government did not care. The lies and accusation soon became a wide spread hysteria.

Wide spread hysteria often lead to people living in fear of everyone and ever action that doesn’t fit the. “Mr.Chezer have a warrant down for all these people”(Miller 213). In the Salem witch trail a potion was signed to try and protect a lady but they tried to arrest every one that signed it. The main cause of all this hysteria is the people don’t learn what’s actually happening so they fear it. The fear for McCarthyism is that people where communist. This is also what happened with the Witch trails the people just became obsessed with witches. After you where accused it was hard not to get some type of punishment, just for being mentioned in the court.

The punishment was very different from McCarthyism and the Salem witch trails. “The punishment was primarily economic” ( Schrecker). In the McCarthyism era the most used punishment was being blacklisted. If a persons name got on this list it basically ruins their life. It is extremely hard to get a job that is worth anything. While in...
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