Salem Witch Trails

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Melany Russell, 4th hour Mrs. Williams English 3 30 November 2012 Witch trials in America!

During the Salem witch trials many innocent lives were taken because of the lies of others. In Stephen Benet's "We aren't superstitious" he describes the events of the Salem witch trials. The excitement of the trials spread like fire, it kept a whole town in fear of being persecuted. The Salem witch trials caused a lapse in judgment in the villagers. Benet relates Salem’s concerns to those of modern America with a health scare. When the Y2K buzz hit a lot of people sold their belongings got all their money out of the banks and were prepared for the worst, this is similar to how the people in Salem lived the entire summer. One simple error could have destroyed the American economy, just like one lie destroyed the lives of many in Salem. When fear is highly publicized it causes people to worry and impairs their judgment, this was the case in Salem. Everyone was so worried about witchcraft and the victims they didn't give themselves time to think the situation through. The witch trials became very popular in Salem, because everyone was being accused .If people spoke out they would be accused of being a witch. If you didn’t believe in the trials then you didn’t say anything at all. Many people lied about others just to get out of dying, like Tituba did. They only had circumstantial evidence, but everyone still believed that the girls were bewitched. In Purtian society to call someone a witch was...
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