Sale Inventory System

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Sale Inventory System

By | Jan. 2011
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To have faster processing in borrowing and returning of books, St. Paul School should have a high technology system in their library. This will benefit the students and so as the librarian including the entire school in the sense that they will have less stressed in doing these library systems. Because of this high technology system, there will be no redundancy in recording the items of books because all data are stored in the computer. It will fasten the recording process which makes the student less bored in waiting. It is faster than that of manual procedure. All the records are secured because there is a storage that cannot be deleted even the computer is not functioning and the data are still stored. In these cases it is not difficult to monitor and identify the damage books and the lost one. This system was created to make their procedure easier and faster.

The school was been established in year 1980 and at first the name of the school was Hoy Trinity Academy. At that time school was not yet in a concrete building, it was starting in a wooden school and having a small amount of tuition fee. As it going further, the school change lot of improvement and by year 1985 the name was change also. It was named as St. Paul School. The school now was highly stricted that having a standard grading system. The tuition fee was been increase into 6000-7000 as the name were change. The schools were completely developed and change into concrete one. The school building were having 14 rooms for High School,4 rooms for Elementary,2 rooms for Kinder Garten.They also have a very big library rooms and its own gymnasium. Canteen and faculty were air conditioned and big enough. The school were too updated for they have already its own computer...

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