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2013 SALARy GuIdE

In today’s tumultuous, cost-conscious economy, businesses are striving to maximize their return on investment. However, while many view ROI as an exercise of “doing more with less,” in the IT world, optimizing ROI is all about doing things better and doing it with the best talent available.

It’s no surprise then that the competition for professionals with the latest skills — electronic medical records implementation, cloud computing, mobile app development, etc. — is intensifying. In fact, the unemployment rate for IT positions is well below 4 percent, resulting in an extremely shallow pool of available talent and creating challenges for businesses looking to connect with the right professionals for their critical positions. At Modis, we help businesses overcome this challenge every day by making it easier to connect with, and hold on to, exceptional professionals with the right mix of IT skills and proven experience — those professionals that bring not only technical aptitude, but also deliver significant business value. One of the ways we can make it easier is through our 2013 Salary Guide, which features the most thorough, accurate and current collection of compensation insight for the IT industry. The figures presented in this guide are based on detailed hiring metrics from our nationwide branch network and a comprehensive examination of national hiring data and trends. In addition, the Salary Guide features detailed job descriptions for hundreds of IT positions. Investing wisely in your workforce is the surest way to ensure an optimal return. I hope that you find this Salary Guide extremely helpful in maximizing your ROI and that it helps you connect with the top IT professionals you need to make it happen. Sincerely, Jack Cullen, President


2013 sAlAry guIDe

for IT professIonAls


TABLE OF CONTENTS 02 U.S. NATIONAL SALAry DATA 02 nATIonAl MulTIplIers 03 DATABAse DevelopMenT, ADMInIsTrATIon & BI 03 progrAMMIng/sofTwAre engIneerIng 05 TeChnICAl supporT 06 enTerprIse sysTeMs AnAlysIs & InTegrATIon 07 TeChnICAl wrITIng 07 neTwork DesIgn & ADMInIsTrATIon 08 weB DevelopMenT & ADMInIsTrATIon 09 MAnAgeMenT & projeCT MAnAgeMenT 09 seCurITy 10 AnAlysT 11 JOB DESCrIPTIONS 36 mODIS LOCATIONS

The enclosed data was obtained through the Modis partnership with CareerBliss, a career community dedicated to helping people find happiness in the workplace and therefore in life. CareerBliss has millions of salary reports from real employees that are aggregated and formatted to be helpful to employers and employees alike. The company’s information on average and starting salaries and company culture has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and The Huffington Post. Additionally, each office in the nationwide Modis branch network has reviewed the data against their own internal data, as well as that of local clients and IT professionals in their market. Based on that review, some modifications have been made to the raw data, to ensure localized accuracy.



u.s. nATIonAl sAlAry DATA
NATIONAL mULTIPLIErS* Albany Atlanta Austin Baltimore Birmingham Boston Cedar rapids Charleston Charlotte Chattanooga Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Colorado springs Columbia Columbus Dallas Denver Des Moines Detroit ft. lauderdale ny gA TX MD Al MA IA sC nC Tn Il oh oh Co sC oh TX Co IA MI fl 101.4% 100.7% 95.9% 104.4% 93.7% 110% 90.9% 97.1% 99.9% 92.8% 106.3% 98% 101.6% 91.7% 91.9% 100% 100.2% 101.5% 97.6% 102.9% 100.7% greenville harrisburg hartford houston huntsville jacksonville kansas City knoxville los Angeles louisville Media Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis nashville new york newark oklahoma City omaha orange County sC pA CT TX Al fl Mo Tn CA ky pA Tn fl wI Mn Tn ny nj ok ne CA 96.3% 101.4% 107.1% 102.5% 96.5% 96.5% 98.3% 88.6% 109.5% 97.6%...
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