Salary Caps in Athletics: How Much Is the Game Really Effected?

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Salary Caps in Athletics: How Much is the Game Really Effected?

Should professional sports leagues, such as the MLB and NBA, implement a salary cap? This has become a rising issue in the last few years, involving players and the leagues and teams for which they play. Salary caps are an amount of money that a team is able to spend on its players. For instance, each team gets a 64 million dollar spending limit in which they have to divide between each player on the team. It has led to numerous lockouts and strikes by the players because they feel it is unfair. Salary caps in professional sports should be abolished because they effect player performance, are prone to abuse, and cause some players to be paid unfairly.

Athletic ability is not only a talent, but a hard-earned trait for some athletes. Through days, months, and years of training, they prepare to perform to the best of their abilities on the playing field. Athletic performance has improved drastically from the years 1940 to 2000 (Lewis). Along with this increase of physical ability also came an increase in pay rates. There have been new systems set in place for athletes, such as free agency. The purpose of free agency is to enhance competition levels between players whom are fighting for an open spot on a team and a salary with the potential to increase (DiLasco). If a salary cap is put in place, it limits how much players can make, causing some players to intentionally hold back on their performances (DiLasco). An example where salary caps Kirtner 2

have not yet been put into place is the National Hockey League, yet it has managed to maintain a very balanced and high performing competition level.
The typical view of a professional athlete is one of greed and selfishness. However in reality, they are all average Americans trying to earn their pay, just in a different way. The real “bad guys” are the team owners and league commissioners who have access to the money. A salary cap depends...
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