Saint Valentines Day Massacre

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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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Saint Valentines Day Massacre
Being headed by Al Capone, The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre has been named “the most notorious gangster killing of the Prohibition era.” (Rosenberg) This event involved two rival gangs, South Side Italian gang and the North Side Irish gang, in which the intended target was Bugs Moran -- the leader of the North Side Irish gang. On the morning of February 14, 1929, seven people decided to perform a set up. When the gunmen – two disguised as cops – entered the garage, the North members saw this as a normal police raid and thought nothing of this. The gunmen then proceeded to give the seven men inside instructions to “[line] up, [face] the wall, and allowed the gunmen to remove their weapons.” (Rosenberg 10) The shooters then opened fired “with two [tommy guns], one with a 20 round clip, and one with a 50 round drum. And two shotguns are also part of the arsenal.” (Gomes 1) All seven members of the Moran gang, North Side gang, were killed with the intended target living since he wasn’t able to show up., with one member, Grank Gusenberg, survived for another three hours with fourteen bullets lodged in him and not giving up any information on the shooting. (Gomes 3) Capone’s involvement was funding this set up, while he was in Florida to get away from the cold in Chicago. (Rosenberg 5) He was, though, still questioned by Dade County right after the shooting, but had an alibi known as the “Blonde Alibi” in which he was at a hotel during the attack. (Rosenberg 17) At the end, no one was tried and convicted of this crime. No comments
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