Saint Paul, Epistle to the Romans

Topics: Christianity, New Testament, Paul of Tarsus Pages: 4 (1087 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Saint Paul, Epistle to the Romans
Christianity is a religion that has overcome a lot of adversity in the last couple decades. Through the use of early disciples preaching the word of God and with scripture, the beliefs of Christian faith can be understood. The earliest Christian sources do not come from the gospels, but from Paul’s epistles regarding the Christian communities. Paul, or Saul his Hebrew name, was born an Israelite in Tarsus and became one of the most influential followers. Prior to his dramatic conversion to Christianity, Paul was a member of the Jewish elite of the eastern Mediterranean. While seeking to have Christians bound, a striking revelation of Christ’s appearance occurred while traveling to Damascus in Sryria. God called Paul to be an apostle and spread the good news to all. From then on, Paul was called “the second founder of Christianity.” (Andrea). Romans is a letter written in the traditional Greek letter writing style of the first century A.D. In Romans, Paul explains the importance of Christian faith and practices, and becoming righteous in the eyes of Christ. Epistle to the Romans is the work of a mind that loves and seeks system. “In Paul, then, we may with reason look for evidence of a free reflective process.” (Nash). Paul, himself, was not ashamed to speak and preach the word of the Lord, so others should not fear this. “He who through faith is righteous shall live.” (Andrea). In his letter, he was introducing himself as a follower of Christ and was writing to other followers including new Gentile Christians as well as

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Jewish Christians who had returned to Rome after being thrown out some years earlier. When writing his epistles, Paul tried to make them relevant and also significant to all people reading. Jewish Christians in Rome and in Jerusalem continued to follow the Law of Moses, but Gentile Christians did not follow the Law. The promise to Abraham and his descendants, that they should...
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