Saint Joseph

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Miss Glowe
23 May 2013
Saint Joseph
I chose St. Joseph because he is an awesome role model for our church. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, carpenters, social justice, and the universal Church. Joseph became the patron saints of those things because of how he lived and what he did for the people around him while he was alive. Unfortunately Joseph’s words were not recorded in the Bible. So everything that we know about Joseph must be ascertained from the actions he performed that were recorded in the Bible. Those actions however are sufficient enough to show that he was a good religious man. We know that Joseph was a religious and just man because Joseph obeyed the laws set before him whether they were the laws of the Romans or the laws of God. Joseph also secretly wanted to divorce Mary once he found out that she was pregnant, but once God spoke to him he decided to marry her anyways and adopted Jesus as his own flesh and blood and raised him.

Joseph was born of the house of David. The names of Joseph’s parents and the date of his birth and death are lost. The age of Joseph, due to the lack of information, has always been a guess. We can however, link Joseph to Bethlehem because he and Mary had to return there for a census so he may have been born there or moved there at some point in his life. Joseph was a carpenter. There are many subdivisions to carpentry; it is unknown what subdivision Joseph worked as. Joseph worked at a carpentry shop, it is also unknown if he owned the shop or just worked there, it is not mentioned in the Bible. The last time Joseph is mentioned in scripture is when Jesus is in the temple of Jerusalem at the age of twelve. Another reason it is thought that Joseph died after that event is because when Jesus is thirty years old Mary is described as a widow in scripture.

The way that Joseph lived brought him closer to God. Joseph had dreams about angels and they...
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