Saint Augustine Confessions

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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"Have Pity on me and help me, O Lord my God"

Over Exaggerated Sin?
Saint Augustine questions his entire past and all that he did during his infancy, childhood, and adulthood. He feels as though he sinned more then anything else and compares simple things such as crying as an infant, lusting for someone, and cheating or gambling as horrible things. Gambling and cheating are sins however there are much worse things and he makes it sound as bad as if he killed someone.

He over exaggerates the majority of his sins, such as crying as an infant; Crying is the only source of communication and infant possesses for a lot of their lives. Lusting also may be a large issue pending on the persons self control, back then it was considered normal to have many lovers. Saint Augustine had many confessions of sins that he had throughout all of the novel but these three stick out as exaggeration to me.

Book one states that crying as an infant is considered a sin by Saint Augustine. Well, as an infant there are only a few things that they can do to communicate but verbally all they possess is cooing or crying. At times to people this may be annoying to hear constant crying from a child, however that is the only way they can let their care takers know that something is wrong or not the way it should be. People wouldn't know when to change, feed, or hold a child without their verbal noises such as crying and when they enjoy something, cooing. Therefore it is quite ridiculous to consider crying a sin when as a baby it is your only form of communicating with others in your world.

As the novel continues we move through his life accordingly and after infancy comes your adolescent years, throughout which Augustine misbehaved a bit. During this time period things were much different then now and he talks about these things as if they should be punishable by death. He often would play games with his friends, and they would sometimes gamble things and Augustine admitted to cheating...
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