Saggin Pants

Topics: Greg Mathis, Judge Mathis, Errol Flynns Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: November 17, 2011
In the article "The sad truth about saggin' pants" by Judge Greg Mathis has open my eyes to some of societys flaws today. I never noticed how something as small as wearing the pants a certain way can have so much history along with it. When I seen the fashion of "saggin' pants" come into style I wasn't sure if should follow along with it because I wasnt sure where the style itself has come from along with others. Judge Mathis is right when he states his claim that todays socitey has no idea as to where the style has orginated from because if they did many of todays urban and suburban sociteys wouldn't dress the way they do. I feel as though nowadays with society becoming harsher people feel as though they need to dress the way do to fit in with a crew or gang because apperance these days means more than it should.

Some teens feel as though life is rough and maybe it is in some cases, gangs or crews help the day to day struggles teens may go through to help them feel secure or that piece of mind that somebody has there back in any situation. So to look down upon youth who choose to wear there clothes a certain way isn't necessary in some cases. This causes teens to detour from their goals in life because of the worries they have at home. Who wouldn't want to graduate high school, attend a college or university, suceed, and go on to have a professional job doing something they love. On a day-to-day basis instead living life unsecure and not live on a steady income. Everybody wants security in life, it just so happens some people go about having that security in the wrong way. I also agree with another statement that Judge Mathis makes in this article that suburban sociteys may also listen to the same music as urban socities. Urban socities tend to believe that everybody is on the same boat with lesser oppurtunites. But at the end of the day they go back to superior schools and more stable households that not everybody has had the oppurtunity to have.

I have...
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