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The National Football League (NFL) is an American football league that hosts a championship game each year since 1967, called the Super Bowl. There are a lot of issues when hosting a game so large, as well as, looking at the bidding process and seeing how many cities are willing to go so far to host. Not only does the Super Bowl want to continue to stay in America, it is also looking to go overseas. There could be a positive or negative impact when bringing it overseas. Background

The Super Bowl is an American football game which is an annual event that takes place in America usually during the first Sunday in February or last Sunday in January. It is between two teams; one from the American Football League (AFL) and the other from the NFL. The Super Bowl is not viewed by the year it is playing; all games are numbered by roman numerals. For example, this year’s Super Bowl is XLVI (46). It is also known that no Super Bowl team has ever played at their home stadium. It is said that the first Super Bowl to ever take place was back in 1967 on January 15th. This was played at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with almost 62,000 fans to see the Green Bay packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs. It was then that millions of more people had tuned in to watch a new bowl game on TV; and thus a new football tradition was born. Methodology

Typically the way the Super Bowl venue is chosen is by bidding. In the past, all venues were chosen by location, in that it must be somewhere that is over 50°F (10°C), unless there is a roof. This is because it makes the Super Bowl (or any event for that matter) a much more enjoyable experience. It also isn’t like any other game where you are only there for about 3 hours. This is a game that goes on for 5-6 hours and if not dressed correctly, people will leave. The location is chosen by the NFL about 3-5 years in advance. Cities place their bids and the NFL looks at the terms of stadium renovation and availability to host. The NFL owners then get together and make a selection on site. It is said that: “If no location gets 75 percent of the votes on the first ballot, the lowest-voted site is eliminated from each round until two are left and one gets the majority of votes, according to league spokesman Greg Aiello. All voting is by closed ballot, Aiello said in an e-mail” (Lapointe, 2009). Figure 1: Ohmae’s 3 C’c Model (1990).

Figure 1: Ohmae’s 3 C’c Model (1990).

Looking at figure 1, there are three C’s in which are most important; customers, competition, and corporation. When evaluating this into the Super Bowl, it is best to look at the customers first, which in this occasion are generally people between the ages of 18-60, since they are most likely interested in buying the tickets. After, move on to corporation. In this case, all the NFL franchises are a different corporation and are going to see what they have to offer such as, accommodation, transportation, size of the stadium, location depending on weather, etc…So for the competition part of the Super Bowl it is all the cities that would be able to host. It is then up to the NFL to look at these aspects and decide which city is most appropriate. When it comes to the bidding process and there are a number of cities that want to host, it is pretty crazy how far each city will go. When reading an article written by Bill Baker, titled Super Bowl bidding process challenges creativity, it seems like the cities almost bribe and showboat their venue in order to win the bid. “In winning the 2006 game, Detroit used an elaborate production with a rotating stage and a virtual tour of Ford Field to gain votes during its 15-minute bid presentation. To secure the 2009 bid, Tampa offered all owners a golf outing and brought in golf legend Arnold Palmer, who gave each owner a putter. It also offered owners 150 tickets to an exclusive outing to Busch Gardens theme park. Just three years after getting the 2007 game, South Florida promised the use...
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