Saga Marketing Campaign Report

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Executive Summary
The vision of Saga is to become a company that strives to sustain the core values that created the brand Saga since the start of the business 50 years ago. Saga group currently operates cruise ships to financial services for the over 50s age group, retaining these customers through loyalty plan has proven to be a good approach. The new campaign will focus on how Saga can communicate the loyalty schemes and other services to the accessible customers group. Primary study showed a general perception of Saga brand being more expensive; however it was justified saying that Saga provided a better holiday experience than other companies. Extensive secondary research was conducted to support the Saga venture to retain customers through loyalty scheme, and justify the promotional methods recommended for Saga. The information used is collected from sources online, and from books, specifically the theories supporting the arguments made in the report. In this report, the marketing communication strategy identified is evaluated and analysed along with several promotional techniques using various media forms. Saga has the financial capacity to undertake this project and make it successful as it would be beneficial for the business and the customers. Table of contents

TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc384869028 \h 21.1 Background of Saga PAGEREF _Toc384869029 \h 4Table 1: SWOT analysis Saga PAGEREF _Toc384869030 \h 51.2 Product Analysis PAGEREF _Toc384869031 \h 51.3 Saga Branding PAGEREF _Toc384869032 \h 61.4 Market Segment & Target Segment PAGEREF _Toc384869033 \h 61.5 Objective & Vision PAGEREF _Toc384869034 \h 71.6 Reports Aim PAGEREF _Toc384869035 \h 82. Marketing Communication Strategy PAGEREF _Toc384869036 \h 83. Promotional Communication Methods PAGEREF _Toc384869037 \h 103.1 What methods will be used and why PAGEREF _Toc384869038 \h 103.2 Magazine and Newspaper advertising PAGEREF _Toc384869039 \h 123.3 Event held by Saga to develop loyalty scheme PAGEREF _Toc384869040 \h 133.4 Email marketing PAGEREF _Toc384869041 \h 143.5 Cost identification PAGEREF _Toc384869042 \h 154. Scheduling PAGEREF _Toc384869043 \h 155. Control & Evaluation of Campaign PAGEREF _Toc384869044 \h 166. Conclusion and Limitation PAGEREF _Toc384869045 \h 186.1 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc384869046 \h 186.2 Limitations PAGEREF _Toc384869047 \h 197. References PAGEREF _Toc384869048 \h 208. Appendix PAGEREF _Toc384869049 \h 218.1 Appendix 1 PAGEREF _Toc384869050 \h 218.2 Appendix 2 PAGEREF _Toc384869051 \h 228.3 Appendix 3 – Survey PAGEREF _Toc384869052 \h 24 1. Introduction

1.1 Background of SagaSaga started in Southern England, Folkestone, Kent as “a travel company offering affordable off-peak holidays exclusively to retired people. It has grown into one of the biggest holiday companies in UK and became one stop for over many of the 50's needs. The brand started as a small travel business rose through the years to the success; in 1980s Saga introduced long-haul holidays to far reaching destinations such as Hong Kong and Singapore. In 1990s, the first Saga cruise ship entered service through the ship "Saga Rose" and by the 2000s, Saga has become a vital necessity for many of the over 50s in UK. Moreover, the brand expanded through acquisitions of major assets and other products such as Saga health care along with a world-class magazine, insurance, financial products and radio stations. Main competitions for Saga are Thomas Cook, MSC cruises, and Virgin holidays, all offering similar products as Saga. However, Saga hold on the niche market of over 50s and the ability to cater for this growing segment of customers along with decades of knowledge on meeting the over 50s needs and wants will prove to be a unique selling point. The following table shows the strengths and weakness as well as the external opportunities and threats faced by Saga. The aim of the SWOT analysis is to provide us with a better...
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