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MBA 512
Leadership and O.B


“ Developing leaders as UPS”

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Safwan Balas

1. What are the major skills Jovita Carranza has demonstrated in her career at UPS that have made her a successful leader?

I believe dedication was one skill that Carranza demonstrated. A good leader has to be dedicated to their work and she was just that by starting from the bottom and working her way up to the very top. There also must be a commitment to the employees, and UPS is just that. They “are spending $300 million dollars annually on education programs for employees and encouraging promotion from within. All employees are offered equal opportunities to build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.” Workers like to feel important and like to feel like they are important to the company. This is a major skill leaders must have. Making their workers feel like they are important and they have room to grow is a great skill every great leader should possess. Also, she was nominated Hispanic Business Magazine’s Woman of the Year. This is not really a skill, but I wanted to point this out because it could have a hand in good leadership and helps her maintain her image of a great leader. Who want to work for a grumpy leader that no one likes? People see such a title under Carranza’s name and will be more likely to follow because she is well liked.

2. Consider the spiral of experience that Jovita Carranza has traveled. How has her experience affected her ability as a leader?

Starting from the bottom and working her way up, she understands her employees because she has held almost every position and UPS. Starting as a part time clerk, she moved up to planning manager, then on to district human resources manager. She then became division manager, then district operations manager. She soon became president of Americas region and finally is now vice president of UPS Air Operations. With all this experience, when...
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