Safety Risk Management

Topics: Management, Risk management, Risk Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: June 5, 2008
1.Ability to present clear and concise information consistent with the targeted audience.

As a Management and Program analyst I maintain responsibility for communicating new policies, programs, initiatives and any management disseminations to the staff. I present clear and comprehensive information on a daily basis with all levels of the organization including technical, managerial, and administrative to assist with the growing Safety Risk Management (SRM)/SMS requirements. I effectively communicate SRM/SMS information to field personnel and the service centers assuring they are current with updates, changing information, or any new requirements from Headquarters. I have verbally presented information at the SMS Safety Conferences in each service area. In my presentations I explain how to use the Senior Safety Engineer’s SMS Knowledge Services Network (KSN) site and how to use the Hazard Tracking System (HTS) site; these presentations require an in depth working knowledge of the current programs. I verbally provide briefings to my manager and staff in weekly staff meetings to keep everyone well acquainted with what is happening in the facilities. I communicate with my supervisor and staff on important safety risk management documents (SRMDs) and safety risk management decision memos (SRM DMs) in an effort to receive timely responses to/from field personnel and Service Area points of contact. I conducted HTS training at the request of the Eastern Terminal Service Center in Atlanta; using PowerPoint supplemented by handouts and overhead examples, I delivered an oral presentation that was very beneficial and appreciated by the field management and specialist. I participant in national teleconference to convey information and field inquiries to the Service Center and Headquarters.
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