Safety on Construction Sites

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Question one

Explain and evaluate the role of the client, architect, other design professionals and site manager in enabling and maintaining a safe working environment on a construction project.

Construction sites are dangerous places. Statistics show that, on average, a person is killed every four days and hundreds are injured.

Members such as clients, architects, design professionals and site managers on construction sites; they have to produce risk assessments that identify potential hazards and method statements that set out how jobs are to be done properly and safely.


A client is a group or individual who is having construction project or building work carried out, unless they are a domestic client. A domestic client is someone who lives, will live, or use the construction for any purposes such as commercial. Clients have big influences on construction sites safety for few reasons such as the funds, the period of time the client has given and other resources provided by the client, moreover, the client manages the project team and decides who does what and the plan for their work. Clients must take measures before a construction starts for example ensure that the projects team works effectively together, suitable managements and method statements for the project, provide enough time and funds, furthermore, provide information.

Architects and design professionals:

Designer duties apply to any business that prepares or modifies a design for a particular structure. Architects, civil and structural engineers, building surveyors, landscape architects, other consultants, manufacturers and design practices are considered as design professionals

Designers are in a unique position to reduce the risks that arise during construction work. Designs develop from initial concepts...
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