Safety Meeting Policy

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Safety meeting policy

In a effort to consistently and clearly communicate the safety policies of the company to our installers, each Operations Manager will hold safety meetings with all the installers and project managers under there direction. Meetings will be distributed to each Operations Manager by the Director of Field Engineering. Meeting will be predated and must be conducted at the start of the work day on the day prescribed. Each Operations Manager shall supplement the safety meeting with pertinent topics as they relate to their local operation. Space is provided on the safety meeting form for the Operations Manager to record the additional topics discussed.

In advance of the meeting, please take the time to read and understand what is covered in the safety meeting. Since each job is unique, feel free to make changes you feel are necessary.

Try to present the topic using your own words. The prepared meeting topic can be used as a guideline to follow. It is much more interesting and effective if you use your own words instead of reading word for word from a prepared statement.

Start the meeting on time and present the safety meeting and any supplemental topic(s) you have selected. Once you have completed your discussion, ask if there are any questions or comments, however, do not encourage a "gab" session about unrelated topics. Be sure document any comments on the safety meeting form and to follow up in correcting any hazards that are brought to your attention.

Upon completion of the meeting, make sure you and all attendees have signed the form. Forward one copy to the Director of Field Operations and keep the original in your jobsite files.
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