Safety Measures for Passengers on Board

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  • Published : October 8, 2010
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Safety measures for pessangers on board..
During take offs and landings
- safety briefing or demonstration by flight attendants - seat belt
- seat position for take off ( fully forward and not lying down ) - shut down all electrical devices prior to take off and landing ( to not interrupt the aircraft systems ) - no smoking at all time while on board ( follow the signs on board ) - Emergency escape door ( in an unlikely event of emergency, e.i : aircraft on fire,forced landing,etc )

For pessangers….
On board the aircraft there are some things you have to remember, a.o. to: • Pay attention to the flightcrew safety demonstration/video • Carefully read the safety briefing card
• Know where the nearest emergency exit is and know how to open it in case of emergency (refer to the safety briefing card). • Always keep your seatbelt fastened when in your seat (Clear Air Turbulence can be unexpected and can cause serious injuries) Safety measures for aircrews…( pilots )

Take off and landings…
There are several regulations that pilots have to comply when in an airport and during take offs and landings

- all pilots have to acknowledge and comply with all instuctions assigned by the airport controllers or the tower controls - if unable to comply with any of the airports instuctions, inform the controllers - pilots should acknowledge and read back all clearances given by controllers and query them if in any doubt.( i.e :clearance to taxi,clearance to take off and landing ) - all pilots have to comply with the altitude restrictions as published in the approach publications according to their aircraft category or performance

Safety Management Systems for Airlines

Every organisation needs a functioning management system that has continuity throughout the organisation and provides positive control of the operation. The system must have accountability to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of the...
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