Safety in the Workplace

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Safety in the Workplace

By | April 2010
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Safety in the Workplace
When a prospective employee is asked what his/her most important factors in determining whether or not he/she would take a position is, salaries, benefits, or even flexible schedules are among the top responses. One possibility, a very important one that sometimes goes unmentioned and forgotten, is safety. This happens because safety at a workplace has become a common given in recent years, expected by anyone who has ever held a job before. Very few people think about it these days because they realize that it will be taken care of by others. They take for granted that something dangerous or hazardous is prevented for them. They realize there are now laws that protect them and ensure them of being safe at their place of work. They may not, however, realize that all jobs have the potential of being somewhat unsafe at any given time. Of course, some jobs are more dangerous and riskier than others, but indeed every work environment has safety and health issues. Safety is important to employees, but it is also important to employers, who by practicing safety procedures could end up saving money and time. Research has revealed that work accidents can cost billions of dollars per year for companies (replacing machinery, finding better safety programs, and compensating for injuries or even death) (Oak).

Safety is defined in the Britannica Online Encyclopedia as “those activities that seek either to minimize or to eliminate hazardous conditions that can cause bodily injury.” Occupational safety involves all risks associated with peoples’ places of work, whether in an office, construction sites, manufacturing plants, farms, etc. The initial concern for safety in the workplace started when, during the Industrial Revolution, many injuries started occurring more frequently. Before this, these accidents were considered inevitable and out of their hands. They realized that there were ways they could possibly prevent these accidents....

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