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Topics: Risk management, Occupational safety and health, Risk Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: February 24, 2013
How the Project risk management processes from PMBOK can be applied for health, safety and environment: "Which problems might occur when the Risk Management Processes are used to manage individual HSE risks? Why?"

Every day, we can hear some news on incidents where there is risk to harm environment or people’s safety and health related issues. Health and safety management help organization to achieve organizational objective conforming employees safety and healthy working conditions. Risk management can be applied with safety, health and environment conditions which can be outlined with the process group in PMBOK. The five process group in risk management of PMBOK can be used as a reference in maintaining safety and healthy working environment within organizations and projects. Effective risk management reduces negative outcome and identifies opportunity for improving quality. As for its application, in the very beginning, planning has to be done in a way how to conduct risk management activities within the work environment. Foreseeing problems in the beginning and planning for prevention rather than being reactive to the situation that already occurred is far better. Proper planning leads to identification of risk factors that might hamper SHE activities. Identification process is guided by experience and expert judgment, system analysis, brainstorming, scenario analysis and so on. After identification, qualitative risk analysis has to be done. In other word, the identified risk has to be prioritized on the basis of their probability of occurrence and impact on health and safety measures. It is then accompanied by assigning numerical value to the weight of the risk in order to evaluate its impact on health and safety measures. The identified risk welcoming threats have to be planned in a way to reduce or eliminate wholly. Finally, the risks are monitored and proper measure of control is applied to reduce threat in the working environment. This process help in...
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