Safeguarding Children and Young People

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The term safeguarding means ’ promoting children’s welfare and putting measures in place it improve children’s safety and prevent abuse.’ According to Tassoni (2010) (pg 112) “ safeguarding is about much more than just protection children from direct abuse.” Safeguarding is used to protect children from a wide range of dangers such as accidents, substance abuse and even unprotected consenting sex.

Any person or outside services working with children and young people has a duty to protect them from neglect and abuse. In 2007 the government carried out major consultations with parents, children, practitioners and the general public about their concerns regarding children’s safety. This resulted in the forming up of the Stay Safe Action Plan, which shows what and how the government plan to do to make improvements in children and young peoples safety. Some of the key areas in the wider view of safeguarding are below * crime and bullying

* forced marriages
* missing children
* keep children safe from accidents (by carrying out risk assessments in the setting and also in places in which the setting wish to visit and considering children’s health and safety within my setting by having a qualified staff member who can carry out first aid, having fire extinguishers and storing dangerous chemicals correctly) * actively promote their welfare in a healthy and safe environment. (by encouraging children to take part in physical exercise and promote healthy eating at snack times)

In conclusion it is plan to see that safeguarding is much more than we think and that it has a much wider span in child protection.
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