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Topics: Air safety, National Transportation Safety Board, Aviation accidents and incidents Pages: 12 (3525 words) Published: December 16, 2012

Air travels generally regarded as the safest and fastest method of getting from one place to another. Despite high safety level and adhering to the strictest safety standard imposed by the Aviation Authority, airplane accidents or crashes still likely to happen because of some reasons like bad weather, fire engine failure, pilot error and many more. Airplane accidents are rare to happen but if one does occur during the flight can our seat selection affect our chance of survival?

Two studies regarding safe seats in a plane by Popular Mechanics and by University of Greenwich Commissioned by the Civil Aviation have two opposite findings regarding safest seat. Popular Mechanics says that passenger near the tail or rear part of the plane are about 40% more likely to survive a crash than those in the first few rows up front. On the other hand, University of Greenwich found that passenger sitting towards the front of the aircraft had a 65% chance of escaping a fire and with the best survival rate. But the two studies found flowed because the first study failed to consider people’s behavior in an emergency while the second study in limited only and no enough data to support such conclusion based on statistics.

Other experts opinion and people opinion summed up that there is no such thing as the safest seat in plane accidents that happen at any spot in the aircraft. It all depends how the airplane will hit the ground first. Whether one is seated at the forward, middle or rear area of the aircraft survival depends on the severity of the crash, But if happens during the fight, it is important for the passenger to stay calm, alert and aware of one’s surroundings. That is why it is very important for the passenger to have knowledge and understanding of safety measures in air travel and also to take into consideration tips on what to do if air accidents happen or how to survive a crash based from experts opinions who were witnesses of plane crashes.

Air Safety Experts Todd Curtis agrees that there is no place on a plane that is statically safer than another. Any passenger can always choose wherever they think is the safest for thire comfort. A feeling of safety should be the attitude of every passenger.



This research is heartily dedicated first and foremost to all my classmates in Aeronautical Engineer 1st Year section one.We all have been very friendly and supportive to each other.This research will somehow provide us insights and understanding on air transportation travel and safety. As we journey toward our dreams in the field of Aviation this serves as challenge to adhere to strictest higher level of standard in our service to the people.

Chapter I


Traveling by plane is now being enjoyed by everybody aside from reasons of comfortability and that it is the fastest way to reach one’s destination, but also, because of the prevailing affordable airfare in the market today due to airline competition. Early bookers and promo hunters can get an airfare for as low as Php 500 or less than Php 1000 for a single trip. This is why today airplane becomes a common vehicle for ordinary travelers.

As one of the frequent plane travelers. I started to question myself of the airworthiness of the different local airline companies. Can they still maintain high standard with the low airfare they are offering? Assuming all are airworthy, but, accident still likely to happen anytime unexpectedly. Because of this, as a passenger, I am becoming more conscious of my safety while on board a plane. I would listen attentively to the stewardess while demonstrating safety measures and rules in a plane. I’m observant of the movement of the plane, the sound of the...
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