Safe Online Shopping Tips

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Informative Speech – Safe Online Shopping Tips

Online shopping is convenient nowadays. We are not restricted by geographical location. In past times, without Internet, we are limited by selection and prices in the stores that are convenient to us. Online shopping usually offers us best price for some of your favorite stuffs and the sellers provide fast shipping. Those are the reasons online shopping has become easier and convenient for consumers.

However, online shopping has its risks. According to South China Morning Post, Liu Qi bought a style of sneakers through an online shop because he could not find in local shopping malls. The website claimed to be the internationally renowned brand of Chinese website and promised that all their products would not be fake or else compensation to consumers ten times the original price. As the online shop offered generous discounts and free delivery, Liu has saved up to 110 Yuan (RM53.70). But once he received the sneakers, he found out that they were badly made and they were fake. After that, he was unable to contact the seller to request a refund.

The Norton Cybercrime report 2012 calculates the direct costs associated with global consumer cybercrime at US$110 billion (RM334 billion) annually. This means that every second, 18 adults (46%) become a victim of cybercrime. This figure is actually increasing compared to 2011 which is 45%.

While somewhat alarming, these statistics should not keep you from shopping online. You simply need some of basic guidelines for safe online shopping and you can shop online with confidence.

These are six of the tips of safe online shopping:
1. Carry out your transactions from a secured PC.
Many people are trying to avoid the installation of anti-malware software. It is vital to secure your PC from viruses and other attacks. To make sure your PC is protected, keep the software up-to-date. As safe online shopping is concerned, this will help in keeping those malicious programs...
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