Safe, Healthy and Nurturing Environment for Children

Topics: Stationery, Washing, The Child Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: July 1, 2012
Practice Evidence Record Diary

UNIT 3: Safe, healthy and nurturing environment for children

P3.1: The radiators can get hot for the children or children can get fingers caught so a radiator cover was placed on all the radiators to avoid this. A paper clip was on the floor I picked it up and threw it away, this is a hazard as a child could have swallowed it. The vacuum cleaner can only be done at a certain time as the wire can cause the children to trip or fall. Also the staircase and some of the doorways have guards for children, so the children don’t wander of or fall down the stairs. In the baby room there is a soft carpet so the babies can freely crawl on the floor. A child using a pair of scissors, and a member of staff should supervise the child also children safety scissors should be used.

P3.2: Encourage children to take care of the environment by getting them to help you tidy up after themselves for example any spillage on the floor get the child who spilled something to get a paper towel to clean it up, also any pens or crayons to put them away with the pen lids on. Books used can be put away neatly where they belong. After the children have used the chairs they have sat on they can tuck them in. When eating get the children to eat in a calm and sensible manner and to clean up after themselves. Before starting to eat the children should wash their hands.

P3.3: Child E was being violent and aggressive towards Child F and the parents of Child F wasn’t too happy as this upset the child. So when it was snack time and I went of to make snacks for snack time I told one of the other members of staff to keep an eye out of both the children.
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