Safe Harbor

Topics: Want, Adolescence, Boy Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The movie Safe Harbor shows us how not to judge someone based on their past, how to overcome obstacles and how family doesn’t have to be blood. The movie starts out with the happily married couple Doug and Robbie Smith, who have just retired and are about to begin their journey sailing the globe on their sailboat. Two weeks before the Smith’s are about to embark, a good friend and Judge asks them if they have room to take care of two teenage boys, since juvenile hall is full and he does not want to send them to the county jail. The Judge informs the couple it will only be for a few days, a week max. The boys help the Smith’s get their boat ready; however, one of the boys (Luke) does not want to buy into hard labor. Since the Smith’s are staying at a marina, the people at the marina not happy the boys are staying with the Smith’s, given their history. One day in town the boys (Luke and David) see some girls and starting talking with them. One of the girls, has a boyfriend who isn’t happy Luke is talking to his girlfriend. The boys get changed to sailing race by the “rich kids”, which they end up losing because the “rich kids” cheated. A week later the Judge comes back within another boy, and tells the Smith’s he will be back in two weeks. Since they are running out of room on their boat, the Smith’s purchase an old, ugly fishing boat. When a big shot at the marina sees the boat he tells the Smith’s they need to get rid of this eye sore. Doug tells the man, to give them a week and they will have it restored. As the boys are restoring the boat, and starting to feel like a family David’s alcoholic mother shows up saying she wants him to come home. David produces to trash the bathroom at the marina in his moment of rage over seeing his mother, yelling how he hates her. The big shot at the marina gives both Robbie and Doug a dirty look as they are walking David out of the bathroom. He then tells, them they are response for the damage and they boys are trouble....
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