Safe Handling of Food

Topics: Bacteria, Food safety, Food Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: March 22, 2012
1.How does food poisoning occur?
Food poisoning is the illness caused by eating food contaminated with harmful bacteria. A bacterium basically needs warmth, moisture, food, and time. If it gets all this then it can grow and multiply very quickly. The danger zone for bacterial growth is between the temperatures 5 and 60°C the most critical temperatures being between 21 and 40.There are many types of food poisoning bacteria that cause a variety of symptoms and which last for different periods of time. The most common symptoms of food poisoning are: diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Food poisoning happens when someone eats food or drink that is contaminated with bacteria, or its toxins. Very occasionally, toxins from chemicals or pesticides can also cause food poisoning. It is hard to tell if food and drink are contaminated because the look, taste and smell may not be affected. Food poisoning can affect one person or a group of people, depending on whether they have all eaten the same contaminated food. There are more than 200 known diseases that are transmitted through food, but the risk is very low if the food is prepared, cooked thoroughly and stored properly. 2.Which foods are potentially hazardous and therefore what implications are there for people working in the food industry. The most high risk foods are meat and dairy products according to the documentary ‘safety in food handling’, other foods that are also potentially hazardous are: •Seafood (excluding live seafood)

Processed fruits and vegetables for example: salads;
Cooked rice and pasta
Foods containing eggs, beans, nuts and other protein rich foods such as quiche and soy products •Foods that contain the listed foods such as sandwiches and rolls People in the food industry must make sure that they do not expose high risk food such as meat out in the open for too long. When storing food products they must make sure that it has not expired and observe or smell it for any signs of...
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