Topics: Metro Manila, Pasig City, Manila Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Information about the business
The name of the business is JOLLYTAPZ it is a fast food restaurant they started year 2003 and .They offered Tapsilog ,Chicksilog,Porksilog,Mixsilog,Longsilog,Hotsilog,Tocilog,Daingsilog , “silog” means fried rice and egg, Mixsilog is mix of beef and tocino. They’re main dish is Tapsilog .The reason for having this kind of business because year 2003 beef and fried rice with egg called “Tapsilog” is yearly demanding until now,that is why owner put up this kind of business. It is 24 hours of service .It is located at #90 M.Almeda St. Pateros ,Metro Manila and this is a main branch. After a year owner add 3 more branches it is on the Pateros also and it located at 962 P Herrera St. Pateros Metro Manila this is 12 hours of service, The owner owned this land while the main branch is only renting because the land was so expensive and they can’t afford to buy. The Owner built a branches at same location because Pateros have only 2 direction to go to another city so they built 2 branches in 2 direction in same location .The second is located at Dahlia St. Pembo Makati City they built there because it is near at the hospital and it is 24 hours of services and the last is on the 235 Mayon St. corner Sta Catalina Quezon City this is 12 hours operation the owner built there because it is a crowded City and it is near in North Cemetery and this is not also advisable for 24 hours because of many crimes happen in this location .The method of their marketing ,They need to go to the market, Buy what they need in their store in order to secure that we serve freshly cook products. They have 2 problems that they encounter during the business operation first is the workers because some of the workers having an attitude problem and second is the costumers, sometimes they’re complaining about the food they served .They see their business 5 years from now they hope that it would be more better than before and it would also becoming a big...
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