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1. Describe your current system use in the office?

No computer system, we do our record manually.

2. Explain the process of records?

1. Fill up membership form
2. pay membership fee
3. issue id and official receipts
4. pay monthly dues every month
5. office clerk, update the record of membership
6. if new members, log in/record the new member in the master list 7. financial statements we use Microsoft excel
8. we use excel for statements of accounts for member

3. Do you consider your office to be computerized?


4. What methods of classification/ accessory do you use?
What is process when there have a new member in office?

We are using membership registration form indicated whether tenants/ Homeowners. New membership must be field up membership form and pay the membership fee.

5. How often do you conduct manual report?

Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, end of December.

6. What are the reports that need to be generate at your office?

Financial statements monthly members’ records, updates of monthly dues.

7. How much money do you receive in one day?

The maximum that we receive 4,000 only in one day

8. Who are allowed to use record in the office?

Authorize personnel’s, president, treasurer and secretary and others by authority of the board.

9. How many members do you have in your records?

We have 850 members only.

10. How many staff/member that required to use office daily? Two.

11. Who are the authorized people inside the office?

The 5 officers and board of directors’ staff.

12. What time is the office operates?

8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Sunday.

13. Is holiday and week end included in the overdue penalty?


14. Discuss the process of the penalties?

So far, we do not implement penalties for late payments.

15. What if the record is lost? What if one of the staff took the records outside the office without asking your information?

No one is authorized to bring outside the office all has records. In case, someone will do. She/he will be penalties.

16. What is advantage and disadvantage?

The advantage, it is hardcopy. Easy to check and update the record of members. We use 16 columns of columns. The disadvantage, it’s hard to compute the total income. Sometimes can be destroyed by manmade individual easy to tear.

17. How much is the membership fee?

50 pesos only.

17. Where the money will use it?

To the maintenance of Eastwind Subdivision for their needs like guard, programs and project events.


The Eastwind Homes Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc. is an association of all homeowners in the Eastwind, which they construct, manage, maintain and operate adequate facilities and service for its members. They also initiate and organize socio-cultural project and activities which will awaken community consciousness and belonging. It also promote, enhance and faster the development and improvement of the quality of life of the members/homeowners through livelihood projects and other economic activities.

Eastwind Homes Subdivision Homeowners Ass., Inc. was created by group of Homeowners in 2005. In 2009, HOA have own official office in the Multipurpose Hall and all the phases combine in to one. As today the president is Mr. Luis E. Evan.

II. Background of the study

In this study, we are developing a computerized Monthly dues and Payments Monitoring system, which will be a big help to the president to the staff. We developed this system to lessen their expenses in hiring new staff to monitoring their monthly dues and payments.

III. Statement of the problem

3.1.1 General problem

How will the developers design, develop and implement and maintain a monthly dues and monitoring system for Eastwind Subdivision?

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