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By | November 2012
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Character Traits by Joshua Charles

Lord of the flies by William Golding I choose Jack because he has the most interesting traits, in the book he is the antagonist of the story he is always at conflict with Ralph the protagonist of the story. What interests me most about his character traits is how diverse they are, he really knows how to switch’s his mood. To more of a positive essence in the beginning but it switches over to more negativity later on in the book. My three character triats are (cooperative) (decisive) and (fearless). In the beginning Jack is (cooperative); he is willing to help out even though he has not been selected as the leader. (Quote)We mustn’t let anything happen to Piggy, must we? In this quote Jack is trying to be cooperative with Ralph, but really he is being more sarcastic and mainly trying to sound as if he cares. When he lost the decision for being the leader he said that he would do the hunting straight away with the group. This is when he was being cooperative with Ralph on how to survive, but as the book goes on his willingness to help out seems to die down and eventually loses touch with Ralph and starts his own group. (Quote)” The choir belongs to you, of course””They could be the army””Or hunters”. After Jack lost the decision on being the leader Ralph wants Jack to be in charge of something so and it ends up being the hunters Jack is very pleased with Ralphs decision and the sour mood had gone to sweet for Jack and Ralph.

More into the middle of the book he becomes more (decisive) in his actions and this is a key factor because now that he is a leader. Even though not all good he knows what he wants and goes out and gets it. This trait of being decisive is a big part of what leaders need to succeed. (Quote) “I painted my face – I stole up. Now you eat – all of you – and I”. (Quote) “Why should choosing make any difference just giving orders that don’t make any sense”. This was after a verbal altercation between Jack...

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