Sadat, Deane and Keating All Speak About Unity in Various Forms. How Do They Do This and Why Would Their Speeches Have Been Convincing to Both Their Intended Audiences and Modern Audiences?

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  • Published : May 31, 2012
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“We all on this land, the land of God, we all Muslims, Christians and Jews worship God and no one but God.” Sadat, Deane and Keating all speak about unity in various forms in order for people to relate to the what they are saying which helps them get across the point of there speech. In William Deane’s speech it is an attempt to bring closure and comfort to the victims of the Swiss Canyoning tragedy. Paul Keating’s speech is an attempt to also bring closure to the victims families whose bodies were never found and also to instill patriotism amongst families. In Sadat’s speech unity is used to bring both the Egyptians and the Israel’s together and realize that there is virtually no difference between them, which he hopes, will bring permanent peace based on justice.

When an accidental tragedy occurs to a group of young people from the other side of the world it is extremely difficult for the victims friends and family’s to gain a sense of closure. Through the use of inclusive language, literary illusion, metaphor, and many more William Deane is able to unite all of the Australian victims families and able to create a sense of closure for the families. “and John Donne wrote ‘no man is an island’. Anyone’s ‘death diminishes’ us all because we are all ‘involved in mankind’ this literary allusion is used by Deane to unify the people of all nations mourning. This quote also reaffirms that death is a shared experience that everyone goes through. The quote also gives weight behind Deane’s argument, gives his words wisdom and it also increases the depth of his sincerity. “We are gathered here…all of us…we pray…our Lord” This quote by Deane uses inclusive language in an attempt to unify all people affected by the Canyoning tragedy regardless of their nationality. William Deanes speech was convincing to the audience not only from Australia but from all other nations involved as it unified all victims and gave a sense of warmth and closure about the deaths. Paul...
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