Section 1: Pre-reading
Task 1: Understanding vocabulary in context: matching exercise.

Match the vocabulary with its meaning. Write your answer in the box below:


|1 |2 | |can result in |      | |      | |

3. Decide which is the cause and which is the effect for i) – iv) below.

i) Children were late for the plane. cause
The plane was delayed. cause/effect

ii) The Russian pilot ignored the signals to lose altitude. cause/effect The pilot failed to dive. cause/effect

iii)The planes crashed. cause/effect
Both planes were diving to avoid each other. cause/effect

iv) The passengers and pilots on board the planes were killed. cause/effect The Russian pilot made a mistake. cause/effect

4. Choose the correct cause and effect language to complete the paragraph below.

| | |The children were late for the plane. As a result / This results from the plane was delayed for two days. The Russian pilot ignored the signals to | |lose altitude which are caused by / led to him failing to dive sooner. The plane crash can result in / was due to both planes diving to avoid each | |other. The Russian pilot’s mistake is because of / resulted in the passengers and pilots on both planes being killed. |

Task 5: Expressing regret using ‘If’
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