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Accomplishment Report

(This accomplishment includes your assessment of the activity conducted. The questions asked per item are just guides. You may look at other dimensions, but please retain the outline).

Title of Activity/ Project____________Tree Growing Activity_________________ College/ Unit___________COECS/ENG-107 NSTP 2______________ Date (s) Conducted______________March 1, 2013_____________________ Duration/ No. of hours/days_____February 8 –March 1, 2013 (7:00 - 10:00 A.M.)____ Total No. of participants__1__ Faculty ____Staff __32_ Students ____ Community

1. Background

➢ We have enjoyed the tree planting in the site we replaced the broken tree guards and recycled the broken tree guards to make a new one, we also cleaned the area and remove the tall grasses in the main site.

2. Target Beneficiaries

➢ The beneficiaries are the people in our community and also us too we can benefit to the trees that we planted as the days pass we will feel the fresh air filtered by the trees we planted.

3. Objectives

➢ To enhance environmental conservation and stability
➢ To conserve the beautiful scenery of our nature
➢ To maintain the ecological balance

4. Insights/ Lessons Learned

➢ We learned that planting good deeds is like planting trees. What we plant, we reap. The mahogany saplings sown will turn into healthy and shady trees, ensuring timber and clean air for all of us. And when we do kindred and selfless acts, we foster brotherhood, and nurture good will among our fellowmen. Moreover, our lives have and will have more meanings.

5. Recommendation

➢ I wish to have more time for this activity for us to do more things and help the environment. And also we would want to do this activity in other places so we would return the better environment we had ever before.

Submitted by:Noted by:

ENG-107Mr Frederick Andal
Sydney D. Bajenting ENG-101N...
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