Sad Ending/Regret

Topics: In My Eyes Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: December 4, 2012
I was suddenly awakened in the middle of night.As I glanced around there was no one except me,laying on an uncomfortable bed.Slowly,I got down from my bed and tiptoed to the window.A slight of cool breeze whipped to my ears.Dead leaves rattled in the wind.There was a stony prickling silence except for the eerie sound of chilly wind howling in the air.Goosebumps sprouted on my skin all over my frail body.A sliver of moonlight glimmered through the wind,slicing my pallid face.Slowly,I swept my dry face and sighed heavily.I had same dream that haunted me for years .A streak of remorse jabbed into my soul.A purged of guilt poured deep into my heart.I had a bad memory.The memory was glistening trough my luminous intriguing dark eyes.

Karakura Town was exceptionally blissful on that day.The sun shone brightly through foliage of hazel maple trees lining the road and puffy clouds briskly skimmed the sky.High in the air,avian were fluttering in the formation of chilly wind,spiraling and squawing.From far,I could see de luxe luxurious majestic ship sailed into the harbor.Kyllie ,my best friend enthusiastically waving towards Luke (my fiancée) and I .We were invited by Kyllie to celebrate her grand birthday party at her imposing picturesque manor on Hayaki Island.

On the ship,Luke and I sat near the window to observe beautiful panorama of the sea.Feeling bored,I grabbed a novel titled ‘Jealousy’.This novel was about two girls,friends to each other but fall in love to the same man.Luke assertively persuaded me not to read the book.He truly know that I was a jealous girl.From far ,Kyllie surreptitiously glanced towards us.Kyllie was my bestfriend,we shared a lot of things together including fall in love to the same man.What a coincidence!But I was more lucky as Luke choose me instead of Kyllie.

Now,we could see the imposing picturesque majestic villa stood on the hill.Big,solitude and mystery.Reaching the villa,Luke and I strolled at the splendour vicinity.The villa...
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