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                                                The Next Four Years

Due to the priceless nature of an education, sacrifices seem inevitable. Clearly, the meaning behind sacrifices shall differ from one to another, but still strike quite the impact. Upon my educational path, there are many challenges I have come to face. The journey to become an educated American is a long and difficult one especially due to the difficulties of the American educational system. Many people always ask “Why do you insist on going to school after working all day instead of going home to relax?” My answer, I want to achieve something. I want a career not a job. A job is something where you need to live paycheck by paycheck. Once I am done with my educational career and become a nurse, living paycheck by paycheck will be a thing of the past. I mean what better feeling is there than being ecstatic to go to a place where you are going to spend the next 8-10 hours at? A place where you are going to be working at for the next 20- 30 years and where you hope to retire from. By the time I am done with my educational journey to becoming a nurse I will be someone with a title. A well rounded individual my parents can be proud of. Becoming someone with a title gives you this sense of self pride. But before you can reach such great rewards, sacrifices have to be made, and I have made my fair share of sacrifices. Upon embarking on my educational path one of the greatest decisions I had to make was to get a second job. Choosing to get a second job was not an easy decision for me to make. My days are consumed of working and studying which leads to very little social life as you can imagine. My weekends have changed from choosing between which beach or club to go to into working long hours and then coming home and debating which homework to start on first. Staying up all night partying has turned into all night study sessions. Frivolous shopping sprees have turned into counting every nickel and...
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