Sacrifice and Identity

Topics: Sacrifice, Person, Identity Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Topic: “Belonging to a group always involves sacrificing aspects of one’s identity” Identity is the set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable as a member of a group. Each people have their own personality, being different and unique from other people. Even though it’s different, each people have some similarity with others that connected them together as a community or a group. However, these groups is not open for all people, some people have to sacrifice their aspects of identity in order to belong to the group that they want to join. For some groups, belonging does require sacrificing individual identity and this occurs when the groups are the dominant and require the identity of the group to be stronger than the individual, this is when people identify themselves primarily as a member of this group. However, when an individual is part of a group because their family is part of it or for other reasons such as to fulfill their dream, belonging can assist in forming individual identity or contribute to it as an integral part. This can be seen in Gattaca. Vincent gave his best to accomplish his dream, which is going into the space, which made him to force himself to join the group and work in Gattaca. This at then end, lead to a successful dream for Vincent. From the moment of birth, every individual becomes a member of a group even though they have not yet developed the capacity for choice. As we grow and develop, this capacity is exercised as we choose to belong to certain groups that reflect our growing identity. However, whether the groups an individual belong to are enforced or chosen, when physically in them, an individual is often identified as a part of this group and as such their individual identity is sacrificed. However, just as belonging to a group can overtake individual identity causing it to be sacrificed or compromised, so too do they contribute to who a person is. And when an individual stands alone,...
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