Sacred Rituals: Ceremonial Acts and Verbal Expressions

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  • Published : November 9, 2011
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The sacred ritual can be defined as symbols in the form of action in regards to the divine and revered. They include ceremonial acts and verbal expressions all carried out in a sacred perspective. They allow for the acknowledgment of transition in the human life cycle, as well as celebrate a fixed point in the yearly calendar. They serve to enhance the spirit of community and to bring cohesiveness to that society. By participating in these sacred rituals, it takes the focus of how individuals differ and places that focus on how as a whole they function and are alike. No matter your social caste or economic status, certain events such as birth and death come to us all; as other events such as the beginning of a new year allow us all to let go of the old and welcome the new. One type of sacred ritual is that of the life-cycle rite. These rites acknowledge the passage every person takes from the day they are born until the day they die. They help individuals deal with the difficulties that arise when dealing with the transition from one stage in life to another. It also assists those in a community to deal with the loss or change of a fellow member. Rites of passage usually include three different stages: the act of separation, transition, and the reincorporation into the community. When a Catholic woman hears a calling from God to take up the vocation of being a nun in the Church, she must go through a lengthy process to achieve that goal. Once accepted as a candidate, there is a Rite of Welcome celebrating the acceptance into the community. The candidate is separated from their old life, and moves into the Convent with her new community and lives with them for up to the next two years to see whether she is able to fulfill the duties required by the Church. She will be guided by her fellow sisters in understanding the deep meaning of religious life, her personal relationship with God, her ministry, and others. During her Noviate phase, an emphasis is put on her...
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