Sabrina Allen - Missing Persons

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  • Topic: Parent, Child abduction, Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Fred Willard
Professor Charbonneau
February 24, 2013
Missing Child
It began on April 19, 2002 at 12:26 pm, when Sabrina Allen was abducted by her biological mother, Dara Marie Llorens. Sabrina was three years old at the time of the disappearance and is now 15 years old. Some personal descriptions of Sabrina is that she was born on May 30, 1997, she was blonde hair, blue eyes, and was 3 feet 6 inches, 35 lbs. at the time of the disappearance. Sabrina speaks good Spanish with and American accent, and also at the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a navy blue dress, with a silver chain and cross necklace hanging from her neck. Dara had changed her hair color to black, and cut it very short to change her appearance. She is now known to have red, black, or brown hair now and may be falling out after the over dying of her hair. Sabrina has a known small scar on the bridge of her nose, a mole on the outside of her right knee, and two pierced ears. Dara was scared about getting caught that she had changed Sabrina’s name so many times, that she would go by the alias of Brina, Blanca, Sabrina Fair Llorens or Lloren, Blanca Aurora Fabian Uribe. Dara had also changed her name to either, Marie, but also Deena, and the last names of Lamont, Patel, Groves, Peterson, Green, Rose, or Aguilar. Dara Marie Llorens was born on January 19, 1970 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She is 5 foot 6 inches and weighed in at 100 lbs. Dara has brown hair, brown eyes, and her race is Hispanic and White. She has scars on the back of her right knee, on both ankles, and on her lower abdomen. She may also walk with a limp, and travelled to Mexico, where she has ties.

Sabrina was abducted from Travis County, Texas. Her father has been her primary caregiver since before she was three years old. Dara and Greg Allen were married for three years in which unraveled from the start, which made baby Sabrina very neglected. When Dara was required to watch Sabrina, she would...
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