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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Saber-tooth curriculum summary

The saber-tooth curriculum is from a famous satire that was published in the united states in tells a story of a tribe that came up with a concept of systematic education for its children. The curriculum was designed to meet the needs of tribe’s man .when the climate of the region changes and the saber-tooth tigers perish. They taught subjects like scaring siber-tooth tigers with fire.

In the 21st century people constantly experience changes in society and living conditions .the environment is also changing with global warming. The saber-tooth curriculum also has to change with the times .the main subject change is that of one having to learn and go to school in order to survive. Without education in the 21st century it will be very hard to survive.

The first great educational theorist was a man that lived in the Chilean times. His full name was new fist hammer maker. New Fist was a man that improvised despite not having a lot in his environment to make anything complex. He created a pear-shaped shipped tool which archaeologist call the coup-de poing or fist hammer. New fist knew how to do things his community needed and used his techniques to do them. From this we can conclude he was a very educated man. He developed greater thinking ability. He pushed himself physically and mentally far beyond his fellows. New fist became dissatisfied with his tribes accustomed ways .he began thinking of ways to improve everyone’s lives. He became a very dangerous man because of his thinking.

New-Fist began the practice of education while watching his children play at the cave entrance with bones, sticks and brightly coloured pebbles. He noticed them playing without any purpose besides having fun. The children protected themselves from boredom and the adults protected themselves from danger’ if I could only get these children to give more and better food, shelter, clothing and security,’thought New-Fist. His thinking came from...
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