Sabbath Roots the African Connection

Topics: Africa, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Sabbath Roots. By Charles E Bradford. (Barre: Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, 1990. Pp. 234. Acknowledgements, foreword, introduction, overview, works cited. $14.95 paper)

The purpose of the book “Sabbath Roots” is to show the tracings that led back to the seventh day being the sacred and holy day of rest in Africa. The book also dwells on the fact that Africa was an initial place of where Sabbath was founded. This book displays about many countries in Africa but emphasizes on Ethiopia. Ethiopia, it was the first Christian nation and was also a Sabbath keeping nation. It also has the distinction of being the only African nation that never assimilated to European colonialism. Ethiopia alone withstood the persistent attempts of the European church’s assault to eliminate the Sabbath from Africa. Today, the numbers of Sabbath-keepers are exploding in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, and Congo. Even though there was corruption going on around them they still stood their grounds in believing the seventh day was the holy day of worship. The African connection shows the historical roots of the Sabbath in Africa and it’s prevalence on the African continent. The book also states that Christian Africans had preserved the Sabbath for more than 2000 years, long before the existence of Islam.

The book discussed the time in Africa when Sabbath observers both Jew and Christian found shelter in Africa because of the Roman persecution of the Jews and Sabbath keeping Christians in Europe. The Roman emperor Constantine had succeeded in establishing Sunday as a legal holiday in the lands and nations controlled by Rome. Those rules luckily did not extend to Central Africa. Sabbath Roots also stems as far back as Queen Sheba when she questioned the Sabbath keeping of the empire and wanted to know more about it when she was involved with King Solomon.

Sabbath Roots talks about the Curse of Ham on page 69 when Noah was...
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