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Introduction to the problem

Britain has finally emerged out of the recession with a growth rate of 0.1%, which was predicted to be 0.4% (Gráinne Gilmore and Robert Lindsay, 2010). The airline industry was shattered due to the recession, as it incurred a loss of US$4.7 billion in 2009(IATA, 2009), this was mainly because of the reduction in the disposable income which forced customers to cut down on luxury and shift to cheaper modes of transportation. This reduction in disposable income could have also forced people to shift to low fare airlines like Easy Jet and Ryanair. This assignment focuses and discusses about the impact the recession has had on a British low fare airline, Ryanair. The assignment aims at:-

• Identifying Ryanair’s customer base.

• Examining the impact the recession has had on Ryanair.

• Analysing the strategies undertaken by Ryanair to survive during the economic downturn while maintaining a competitive advantage.

Literature review

To analyse Ryanair’s position during and after the recession a considerable amount of research has to be carried out regarding its customer base, customer satisfaction, the strategies undertaken by the company to withstand the downturn and the methods and policies followed by it to gain an advantage over its competitors. To start with, secondary and tertiary sources of information such as journals, newspapers and other press releases will be taken into account to gain a clearer picture of the problems faced by the company during the recession and the strategies it adopted to overcome them.

Both primary and secondary data has to be collected to analyse the effects of the recession on Ryanair’s customer base and strategies. Primary data will include information collected through questionnaires and interviewing the Ryanair and other airline passengers which includes students, businessmen and women, retired people etc. The data would include information about customer satisfaction in terms of the services provided when compared to the low fares charged; whether the selected passengers had shifted to the airline during the recession or their willingness to shift to Ryanair and would they continue to travel by it. Another important piece of information which will be collected would be whether the passengers are satisfied with the way the flight’s administrative and on board staff treat and welcome them. The other type of data i.e. secondary data includes data like the airline’s turnover and profit, customer satisfaction, on time flights, flight connectivity, number of passengers and the increase or decrease in the number of passengers during the recession, the strategies adopted by it to maintain a competitive edge over its rivals. This information can be collected from Ryanair’s annual reports and other published sources or by interviewing its managers. This will help us compare Ryanair’s situation during and after the recession and would enable us to recognise and evaluate the new strategies undertaken by it, for example, Ryanair had launched a scheme called the St. Patricks Day Hangover seat sale which was valid till the 22 March 2010, in which it slashed all flight prices for late April and May by 50%, this attracted a lot of passengers and also caused passengers travelling on other airlines to shift to ryanair (Keith Findlay, 2010).

The recession has had a shattering effect on UK’s airline industry, reducing the UK airport users by 13%. British...
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