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Business Policy and Corporate Strategy Coursework Notes

For an organisation of your choice, trace the changes of strategy and strategic direction over the last 10 years. Relate these changes to any changes in strategic leadership, structure, culture, market forces, environment and strategic direction. Your coursework should address the following questions.

1. What significant external changes have influenced the organisation over the last 10 years and how has the organisation responded to the external changes?

2. What strategy approaches (methods and directions) has the organisation been following?

3. How successful has the organisation been in its strategy development and implementation?

4. What performance measures would you adopt to measure the organisation’s performance?

5. What strategies should the organisation adopt in the future?


Q1 I would expect to see something about the chosen organisation, some background. Better students might produce a timeline.

Frameworks used would be PEST, Porter’s 5 forces, perhaps the near and far environment ( macro and micro environments) might be used. Students would be expected to discuss drivers for change these can be internal and/ or external. Stakeholders might be discussed and their expectations. Students might also be expected to consider the organisations responses to the challenges faced.

Q2 Strategy approaches – it would be expected that students might use a model like the Ansoff matrix to discuss the strategies adopted (market penetration, market development, product development, diversification). Students might go on to discuss strategies such as alliances, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Students might discuss Porter’s generic strategies. The overall discussion might include patterns or trends re strategy, for example organisations that expand through acquisitions. Some students might look at Miles...
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