Ryan Air Marketing Plan

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  • Published: April 21, 2013
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What do people think of RyanAir?
Consumer Behavior
Date: October 15th 2012

Table of contents
The research design4
Sample description4
Method for interviewing4
Research structure4
Step 1: Collect pictures5
Step 2: Interview method5
Step 3: Concept map5
Step 4: Combined concept map5
Step 5: Consensus map5
Step 6: Communication idea6
The mental maps7
Dutch consensus mental map7
Romanian consensus mental map8
Combined consensus mental map9
Communication idea10
Olympic Games 201210
TV Commercials10
Nadia Comaneci on Romanian Traditions11
Marian Dragulescu on Romanian Scenery11
Larisa Iordache on Dracula11
Camelia Potec on Romanian People11
Flags and banners11
Printed advertisement12
Conclusion and discussion13
Future research13
Interviews by Cristina Bataga15
Interviews by Jessica van der Hoeven17
Interviews by Ella van Leeuwen22
Interviews by Mehdia Shireen Talib27


With this paper we will offer insights in brand perceptions and attempt to create a perceptual map for a specific brand. To choose a brand for this assignment we had a group discussion about which brand we thought would be interesting to evaluate and analyse. After considering several options, we decided that we wanted a brand which is relevant at the moment, since this would make it easier for our participants to evaluate. After discussing multiple brands we decided to choose Ryanair. In this assignment participants evaluate Ryanair through interviews and conceptual maps. We will first conduct a simple interview with the respondents and we will let them draw a concept map afterwards. We will explain everything in more detail in the...
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