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KST Technology Co. Ltd.

KST-RX806 Superheterodyne receive technical spec
KST-RX806 is wireless data transmit and receive module with VHF/UHF super high frequency. adopting LSI circuit with hi-frequency and low-noise which import from famous company of Europe,it has strong anti-static protection and high reliability. And it is your first choice among the distant transmit products as wireless remote control (rolling code), eletric gate control system and the like. Characteristic as follows: 1. The receive sensibility is up to -105dbm; the receive distance is twice of others. 2. It has reasonable receive band width, excellent ability of suppress coordinate frequency, strong anti-jamming, adapting to all kinds of environment. 3. It has excellent ability of suppressing assembling and scatterring radiation, easily passing all kinds of criterions 4. Due to excellent shield,it can adapt to kinds of installing environment, consistency is nicer. 5. It has ability to restrain the radiation, can worked with several pieces of modules (one transmit module and several receive modules) but neither interfering to each other nor influencing the receive distance. 6. Adopting the SAW, the ability is immobile, and the temperature range is wide. 7. It is easy to adjust.between frequency range for 250-450 MHz. 8. It has I/O for single-chip, and it is easy to implement (the transmit speed can be up to 20kbps.) 9. Strenghthen the ability of anti-disturbing against mobile phone and improve the shape of decoding waves.

KST-RX 806 product technical spec introduction 一.technical parameter: (1) (2) (3) (4) operating voltage: +5VDC operating current: ≤8mA operating frequency: 315MHz- 433.92MHz modulation: ASK superheterodyne

(5) receiver sensibility: -115dB
(6)storage temprature: -40℃~+85℃




Function’s spec of foot ‘s position : 4.GND 5.ANT

1.+5VDC 2.DATA 3.GND

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