Rws & Mbs Competitiveness

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1. Introduction
This research is about the degree of competiveness of casino between both casinos in Singapore. In 2004, the Singapore’s government had start planning and introducing plan to build casino in Singapore (Southern Shores of Singapore, 2004). Interested casino operator hence summited their proposal to win the entry to build casino in Singapore and in 2006 it was reported that Genting (Chua and Whitley, 2006) and Las Vegas Sands (Sgentrepreneurs, 2006) won the bid.

Having two casinos in Singapore we can forget about the competitiveness of both the integrated resort.

1.1 Overview of the Industry, Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands Singapore decided to build Casino in 2004 and two licenses are given out, one to the Las Vegas Sands and the other to Genting international. The Singapore integrated resort is a combination of casino and resort where it provide entertainment to all ages (Singapore Vacation and Attractions Guide, 2009).

The first integrated resort start operation in Singapore when Resort World Sentosa opened in February 14, 2010 (Hoe and Shafawi, 2010) and followed by Marina Bay Sands in June 23, 2010 (Relax ,2010).

Resort World Sentosa is a project of the Genting international where is located in Sentosa which is a popular tourist destination. Resort world sentosa had lots of facilities. Beside casino Resort World Sentosa had six hotel to chose from and the first Universal Studios theme park in South-east asia, the world’s largest Marine Life Park, Maritime Xperential Museum, Equarius Water theme park, The ESPA’s Spa Wellness, meeting and conference facilities, a grand ballroom, theatres for stage performances, shopping, dining and many other more (Singapore Vacation and Attractions Guide, 2009).

Marina Bay Sands on the other hand is a project of the world largest companies, the Las Vegas Sands corporation. It is located in the central hub of Singapore where it provide a 24-hour operating casino, three towering hotels with a rooftop Sands Sky park, an arts and sciences museum, state of the art convention halls and lastly shopping and fine dining (Singapore Vacation and Attractions Guide, 2009).

1.2 Research Topic and research Objective
In this project I will be researching on the competitiveness of Integrated Resort in Singapore and below my objective for this research.

Integrated Resort consist of two casino own by two different company one is Marina Bay Sands own by Las Vegas Sands corporation and the other is Resorts World Sentosa own by Genting Group.

My first research objective is to find out what the academic literature said about the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa competition level.

Second objective is to determine what type of attraction or service that Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa build or provide help to attract customer to visit their casino.

Third objective is to show the report stating on how the casino had been performing based on their attraction, promotion, service and hotel.

1.3 Research rationale and Contribution
I chose to do a research in the competitiveness of Integrated Resort in Singapore as I am curious to find out, in a small country like Singapore and having two Integrated Resort how do Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa compete in attracting visitor to visit their place.

Having the opportunities to research on this topic, I can learn that how competitive is the competition in the same industry is, and what are they method the organization does to attract more customers. With the result I gained from this research I would had better understanding of the industry and when I enter the society I would had knowledge of what company do to make themselves different from company of the same industry and how businesses link themselves with event going on.

With this research done it would contribute to help people who want to innovate ideas on how to make a casino attractive and what attraction can...
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