Rwanda Globalization

Topics: World War II, Globalization, Culture Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: August 24, 2012
Globalization: New Form of Colonization
Globalization: New Form of Colonization
Globalization: A New Form of Colonization
After the Second World War, a decolonization process took place - for previously slaved and colonized nations - supposedly ending almost four centuries of slavery and exploitation. It was followed by the end of the cold war and the beginning of a new era: Globalization. Although there is no exact definition of the word globalization, some experts believe that “the process of globalization not only includes opening up of world trade, development of advanced means of communication, internationalization of financial markets, growing importance of MNC’s, population migrations and more generally increased mobility of persons, goods, capital, data and ideas but also infections, diseases and pollution” (Goyal 1). There are several positive aspects of globalization; these include the exchange of culture, values and beliefs between nations, the openness of border, communication, and circulation between nations. However, globalization has many negative impacts on developing countries, varying from the cultural, economical, social, environmental, to the political sectors; thus, widening the gap between the developed and under-developed countries. As Philippe Legrain explains it in his article “Cultural Globalization Is Not Americanization”, globalization has some positive impacts on cultures around the world. He states, “Globalization not only increases individual freedom, but also revitalizes cultures and cultural artifacts through foreign influences, technologies, and markets”(Legrain 516). Indeed globalization has increased personal freedom, and has allowed communication between nations. For instance, before the globalization era, in most countries around the world, people didn’t have the means to communicate and travel. Globalization came along establishing series of effective communication and circulation channels, leading to the signing of...
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