Rwanda Genocide

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Hate is Stronger than Love

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Hate is Stronger than Love
A row of dead bodies and sad faces opens the documentary As We Forgive, directed by and starring Laura Hinson. Full of the devastation that’s in their lives these children and adults capture the type of pain caused by Rwanda’s genocide. Thus, Hinson begins building her argument that the people of Rwanda need help and the reconciliation project is design to help ease the pain caused by the genocide and show the people apart of the genocide taking responsibility for their actions during this horrific event. In As We Forgive, Laura Hinson tries to evoke sympathy and appreciation for Rwanda’s reconciliation efforts, but she oversimplifies the historical context and sentimentalizes the experiences of both victims and perpetrators.

Hinson places herself front and center as the lead interviewer in this documentary, establishing ethos through real-time interviews. She tells us at the beginning what has happened in Rwanda in 1994, and while she not manipulate any answers to the interview questions she lets them speak freely at any given moment. At the outset, she shows background images to set the mood; by the end, she is filming people going through reconciliation. Part of the film’s approach is to make us feel the pain and suffering on both sides the victims and perpetrators and that one victim is not as forgiving at first when confronted with her family’s killer. (quote) yet Hinson is making a point with this documentary, and puts herself in harm’s way to some extent in the process. Further, Hinson approach falls into “What was left for Rwanda was the remnant of these neighbors, the people left to the challenge of rebuilding their country and perhaps finding as no other collective group of people had found before, the true meaning of “Love your neighbor, as you love yourself.” (Jennifer Murray). Even though she just focus on four main characters for the entire documentary is a more personal...
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