Rutherford's Atom Theory Explained

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The Rutherford’s Experiment and the Geiger Marsden experiment were both the same experiment, where Rutherford being the mentor of Geiger and Marsden in the investigation of the experiment at the University of Manchester in 1909. The experiment was so important because it changes our view and understanding upon the structure of the atom. Before Rutherford, there was a man named Joseph John Thomson who proposed the structure of the atom. He stated that the electrons of the atoms are actually inside the atom, and the atom itself is positively charged, like a “raisin pudding”. The electrons are scattered all around the atom. He stated that the electrons and the positively charged material cancel each other, making it stable. The structure of the atom, proposed by Thomson. (J.J Thomson Plum Pudding Model, Batul Nafisa Baxamusa, 2011. Retrieved on June 26th, 2012 from URL:

9 important things that would get 9 marks:
-Clear explanation
-Scientific language
-Why’s are answered (Why gold foil was used, etc)
-How’s are answered (how do we fire the alpha particle, etc) -The aim of the experiment
-Why was the experiment important to us?
-Is the new structure of atom correct?

The aim of the experiment was to elucidate the structure of the atom, as there were so many theories about the structure of the atom at that time, which was championed by J.J Thomson. Rutherford and his team wanted to find out how the alpha particle would react against the thin foil. Geiger and Marsden constructed a lead box (to prevent radiation spreading all over the vacuum) with a hole on the center of the box, and inserted an alpha particle emitter (decaying polonium-214) inside the box. About five centimeters in front of the hole on the lead box was a gold foil with approximately 8.6x10-6 thick. The apparatus was then surrounded by zinc sulfide screen, which would...
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