Ruth Bader Ginsburg: U.S. Supreme Court Justice

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  • Published : February 24, 2012
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg
U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Samara L. Malone
CJ 3352 Term 2

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ruth Joan Bader was born March 15, 1933, to Nathan and Cecelia (Amster) Bader in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York.
Ruth had a sister name Marilyn. Marilyn was five years old when Ruth was born. Marilyn contracted meningitis, when Ruth was one year old and died at the age of six. After Marilyn’s death Cecelia Bader lavished her attention on Ruth. Mrs. Bader was the driving force in Ruth’s life.

Cecelia Bader would often rush through her household chores early in the day, in order to spend the afternoon with her daughter at the library. As hours passed quickly for Ruth and her mother, they would work their way through piles of books. When dinnertime approached, they would return home to greet Ruth’s father, Nathan Bader. He owned and operated a small clothing store in the neighborhood.

Ruth attended Brooklyn Public School during her elementary years, and went to camp in the summer. After elementary school, Ruth attended James Madison High School in Brooklyn. She made excellent grades and participated in many extracurricular activities. One activity was serving on the school’s newspaper, where she wrote two editorials that examined the meaning of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights and Magna Carta.

When Ruth was in the ninth grade her mother, Cecelia Bader, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Ruth would often arrive from school and sat by her mother’s bed while she did her homework. The night before her graduation Ruth’s mother died.

In the fall of 1950’s, Ruth Bader enrolled at Cornell University. During her freshman year she met Martin Ginsburg, a pre-law student. Martin Ginsburg and Ruth dated for the next three years and became engaged during Ruth’s junior year. The two were married in June of 1954, after Ruth’s graduation from Cornell University and subsequently Harvard Law School. She transferred to Columbia...
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